Bad Dog Supplies offers one package that supplies your dog with all it needs. From transporters to chains or collars, to comfortable beds all under one platform. High standard quality products are given to customers at affordable prices.

Collars, Leashes and Harnesses


Puppy collars can be very useful for both owners and pets. There is a vast collection of collars available to choose from. For example, we offer traditional collars as well as LED light collars, which will keep your pet safe at evening or night time.



Bed selection is unique for every dog as it is primarily dependent on how the dog comforts itself to rest. You may need few pooches and additional cushion to give him his desired comfort zone. Some dogs like playing with balls, so for them reinforced beds are ideal. Some mutts like to make a tunnel; this may be for several reasons, such as tension or stress issues. Bad Dog Supplies has a whole bed with the special hooded zone, which will conceal their heads.

Bug and Tick Control


You can protect your puppies from dangerous food by vaccinating them with medication. These medicines keep parasites away from your pet.



Regular prepping is a must-have for maintaining a well-balanced life for your pet. Bad Dog Supplies has complete packages that will make the grooming process fun for both the pet and the pet owner. It will make the cleaning process very convenient as well.



It is recommended that you should often reward your puppy with his favorite dish for his good conduct or for being a nice pet. It has been observed that puppies, which receive regular treats understand and learn fast so you should adopt this component as well.