Four foods you should never give to your dog

You should be very careful when it comes to giving food to your dog. It has been observed that children gave harmful things to the canine out of love, but these can be really dangerous or even poisonous for the dogs. They can cause uneasiness or trouble for the pet that you love. Here are some of the foods that you should be careful with…

1. Onions and garlic


Garlic is considered as one of the most lethal plants for dogs. It is up to five times more poisonous as compared to other allium plants. According to WebMD report, onion powder found in child nourishment can also be very harmful to the dog. If your canine is showing symptoms of sickliness, spewing, breath shortness, or showing no enthusiasm for nourishment than it is recommended to take him immediately to a veterinary doctor as he might have eaten garlic or onion powder.

2. Yeast


If your canine has made his way into the kitchen, it is recommended that you shouldn’t keep yeast unattended. This is because of the fact that yeast in any structure prior to heating, is going to be very dangerous for your canine as it will affect its stomach.

3. Candy and gum


Both candies and gum are hazardous for the dog because both contains a sweetener known as ‘xylitol.’ This is also found in toothpaste and is not good for the dog. The best way to keep your canine away from these is to hide them at a safe place from where it can’t be accessed.

4. Chocolate


Chocolates are beneficial for human beings but not for dogs. It contains ‘methylxanthines’ which can have a harmful reaction to your canine. It is also found in caffeine and can stop their metabolic procedure.

Apart from above mentioned four foods there are some other foods as well which aren’t healthy for the canine. So special caution should be carried out as far as the food of canine is concerned.

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