Bad Dog Supplies was launched in 2001, and since then there has been exponential growth and is becoming very famous in territories where dogs are found in abundance. Its owner, Ernest Otis himself has broad experience in understanding dog behavior, and he is an expert in the pet field.

He is committed to applying his experience for the betterment of every dog regarding puppy preparation and treatment tactics. Ernest Otis has an experienced team under his supervision which acts on the set of instructions given to them.

Currently, Bad Dog Supplies is offering both special individual canines preparation, as well as joint classes. In individual preparation, the founder himself Otis will train your dog at your home while you, the dog owner, can carry on with your day to day matters. Once a week, Otis will have an interaction with family members and he will teach them to keep the started practices. The programs offered by Bad Dog are flexible and designed in such a way that all sort of dog owners can train their puppy.

The organization has been socially active as well, apart from its customer’s puppies, it serves for the betterment of all dogs. They appreciate the helping hand which can be in term of comfortable bed or spot which can become home for a needy dog.